1. Another old drawing. I this is from 02’ or 03’.

  2. Today was the last day of the semester, and with graduation and summer around the corner a bittersweet feeling keeps nagging me. More time to paint for myself is great of course (and much needed), but going to class this semester with these groups of students has been a great deal of fun. So congrats to the graduating seniors and looking forward to next year.

  3. rickberry:

    Rick Berry Studio is filling an intern position this summer 10 -16 hours per week (Arlington, MA) Must have strong social media skills. Write Info@rickberrystudio.com for more details and to send resume, cover letter. Thanks!

    Artist rickberry is looking for an intern. If you’re in the Boston area check it out.

  4. Another study for my Hellboy piece at Hero Complex Gallery.

  5. 4x4 in. study for a Hellboy piece.

  8. thepeoplesprintshop:

    We’ll have a brand new print by Rich Pellegrino in The People’s Printshop this Friday at a random time!

    My “Come Together” print releases today from thepeoplesprintshop!
  9. My piece for  “UNIVERSE: The Art of Existence” curated by Michael Cuffe of  warholian at Modern Eden Gallery

    "Mother Supersymmetry"

    12 x 12 inches

    Acryla Gouache on Panel

    Available here: http://www.moderneden.com/collections/universe/products/mother-supersymmetry

    Press Release:   “UNIVERSE: The Art of Existence” will bring together artists on the subject of space, the cosmos, galaxies, celestial bodies, planets, stars, and more. Also explored is the larger outer paradigm of the Universe that relates to things of an atomic scale, such as elements of quantum physics, atoms, and energy streams. Each artist has been encouraged to interpret the Universe itself as either an outer or inner world.”  -Michael Cuffe, Editor-in-Chief,  Warholian

    Opening Reception: Saturday April 12th, 6-10 pm

    Modern Eden Gallery, April 12th – May 3rd

    403 Francisco St., San Francisco CA

    Sales: Kim@ModernEden.com (415) 956-3033

  10. Mr. Murray.  One of nine portraits inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel.

  11. Progress shot of a commissioned piece. #wip

  12. 2nd demo of the day. This one is for my painting class. #hellboy

  13. Today’s class demo.

  14. Space Fish.

  15. Looking forward to being in the “Universe” group show with rickberry at Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco; April 12-May 3